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Customizing Existing Remote Control Models
There are a number of ways to modify a remote control to meet your specific design requirements without a large additional costs. Some custom features require a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), while other customization features can be performed on a single remote control.

Listed below are features you can customize using an off the shelf remote control design. Keep in mind that Celadon does offer low volume remote controls, which we stock at our facility. Customization on these remotes is available but limited to a few features.

If your application requires a completely new design (new molds/casing) then all the options are available. Please see our New Remote Control Design page for further information.

Labeling, Graphics, Artwork
Silk Screening Case
Silk Screening Keys
remote artwork    
Key/Button Count
using overlays to reduce key count
button count  
Key/Button Color
Standard Colors
Custom Colors
Glow in the Dark
remote key colors  
Keypad Type/Material
Silicone Rubber
Membrane Switch
key type and material  
remote case color  
Feedback LED
L E D indicator  
Infrared Codes
Standard Infrared Codes
Custom Infrared Codes
Universal Remote Library
infrared codes  
Custom Functionality
Custom Software
custom programming functions  
Bulk Packaging
Blister Packs

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